The cost of birth

In Japan, pregnancy and childbirth are not covered by National Health Insurance.  They are not considered a medical condition, but rather a self-inflicted condition.  I have heard there are plans to include pregnancy in the national insurance, but thanks to the earthquake, this was put on the back burner.  The government was planning on giving parents 25,000 yen per month per child, but nothing has been said about this.  Having a child is therefore expensive, and one of the deterrents to having children in Japan.  It’s one reason the birth rate is low.

On August 11th, we’re going to put a deposit on the birth.  Basically, reserving the birth.  It’ll cost us 100,000 yen, but this is taken off the cost of the birth.  The birth’s actual cost varies, depending on the date, day of the week, type of birth, etc.  If it’s on a weekend or holiday, it’s more expensive.  So, we’re hoping for a birth in the middle of the week.  The cost can vary, but averages about 600,000 yen.  6 months later, we will receive 420,000 yen from the government.

If you’ve had children in Japan, do you have any cost saving advice?


4 thoughts on “The cost of birth

  1. It cost me $4000 (Can) for each child I delivered in Saudi. With my daughter, I was in the hospital for 3 days (don’t know why, i was perfectly fine) but with my son, I was out the next day. Don’t know why the boy cost more than the girl….

    • It’s about $7000 Canadian here. Also, the mother stays in the hospital for 3 days here, too. Not exactly sure why. But Japan has the 4th lowest infant mortality rate in the world.

    • Flying around that time is risky, nor can I take that much time off work. Besides, the cost of flying round trip for 2 will be more than the cost after we get the 420,000 yen back.

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