Week 24

We’re getting closer to the 3rd trimester.  They baby is extremely active these days.  She keeps kicking and punching.  Last night, I watched her move under my then fiancee’s skin (we just got married today).  Of course, that’s our other announcement.  We’re now married!

How’s the baby this week?  She’s nearly 30cm long from head to toe.  She’s still a bit thin, but should be filling out into her wrinkly skin quickly.  Her brain, taste buds and lungs are developing quickly.  Her skin is still translucent, as well.

Mom is doing well, but has to deal with the baby’s kicking and punching.  It’s rather painful.  Her sleeping schedule is closer to normal than it was a few weeks ago, but she sleeps often during the day, and still has problems sleeping for a full night.  Also, we got our first baby clothes last week.  My mother-in-law bought her baby socks.


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