Week 35

A visit to the clinic on a holiday seems a bit unusual.  But we went because our baby wasn’t in the right position.  Well, the good news is, she’s back to being head down!  Very good news!

She’s doing quite well.  She’s now 2586 grams, which is a bit bigger than normal.  Everything is pretty much the same as last week, except she’s put on weight.  Her kidneys and liver are now fully functional, and her sense of touch is now working well.  Mostly all that’s left is to gain weight.

Mom is now able to be more active.  After the past week of relaxing and resting, she’s now been told to move a lot.  If she keeps moving, the baby should settle down into her pelvis.  So, lots of walking, exercise and she plans to do some cleaning around the apartment.  The doctor also said that even if she feels abdominal pain, she should keep moving.  Exercising and yoga will get her ready for the birth, which could happen within the next 2 or 3 weeks.  The baby is as active as ever, as well.

We got some really good ultrasound pictures this time.  After being a little camera shy, she put on a great show this time.  We have a wonderful 2D view of her face, as well as two 3D pictures.  We got a bonus picture because she was being a clown.  She made all of us laugh.  It’s the third picture below.  We couldn’t believe the luck in getting a picture like this!

Good quality pictures this week. On the left is her face. On the right is her nose, mouth and chin.

3D picture of her face. She's looking really chubby!

This is the most incredible picture we have of her. The doctor was very amused. She's sticking her tongue out!

Great picture, isn’t it?  Next appointment at the clinic is on the first day of week 37, which is full term!


3 thoughts on “Week 35

  1. She is really chubby!! Lovely!
    Told you not to worry about the summersaults. They keep turning until the end. I guess I would do the same if the space was that limited 😉

    Great pictures!!

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