Full Term!

Today was the first day of week 37, which is full term.  The baby could be born healthy any day.  My wife went to the clinic today to do some tests and check on the baby.  We were hoping to be able to set a date when the baby would be born, too.  However, that’s not how it turned out.

The baby hasn’t descended yet, and there’s no dilation at all.  The pain she’s been feeling could either be her pelvic bones spreading to prepare for birth or Braxton-Hicks contractions.  She also found out she has a low iron level, so she needs to take some iron pills.

My wife has to do a lot of exercise.  This includes walking up hills and stairs, doing squats, and yoga.  This is to help the baby lower herself to get ready for birth, and to help the cervix dilate.  If this doesn’t happen by next week, the baby may have to be born by Caesarian section, as she’s a bit bigger than average.  The birth may still happen next week, but we don’t know yet.


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