Week 37

It’s already the end of week 37.  No checkup during these 7 days, but there will be a non-stress test tomorrow morning.  So far, nothing much to update on the status of the baby.  My wife thinks she’s a bit lower in her abdomen now, so we’ll find out tomorrow.  It has been an interesting week for my wife, though.  She’s been doing a lot of exercise.  Most days, she’s walked between 5 and 10 km, done plenty of squats, and some yoga stretches.  The doctor told her to move a lot.  She’s also done some cleaning around the apartment, just to keep moving.

The most interesting thing is that the baby’s foot has been pushing against the wall of her abdomen.  Quite often, we could feel her foot.  It makes it feel so much more real, knowing that’s our daughter’s foot.  My wife has also been feeling plenty of pain periodically.  Could be Braxton Hicks contractions, or something else entirely.

We’re unsure of how the baby will be born or when.  But tomorrow, we should be finding out if a Caesarian section is recommended or not, due to the bigger than average size of the baby or whether she’s descended into the pelvis.


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