C-section looks likely

Today, we went to the clinic to check on the baby, and it turns out that she hasn’t descended into the pelvis.  She’s still high up.  What this means is that there’s a 70-80% chance that the baby will be late if by natural birth.  Unfortunately, if she’s born late, she’ll be too big for natural birth.  The doctor says it’s 70-80% likely she’ll be born by Caesarean section.  Well, we’ve decided that we’re going to have the C-section done next week, just 6 days before her due date, on January 25th.  This isn’t definite, though!  It’s also possible that she will suddenly drop and can still be born naturally.  But it’s not likely.  In any case, she’ll be born in a week!



2 thoughts on “C-section looks likely

  1. Congratulations:) No matter how your baby gets here, it’s still special. I know C-sections aren’t the most favorable choices, but at least you can plan yours ahead of time, instead of it being last minute. Thanks for sharing:) I can’t wait to see pics of your newborn!

    • Thanks. It looks like the C-section will go ahead on Wednesday. My wife’s pelvis won’t open enough for the baby’s head to go through. The baby is too big. If it was a couple weeks ago, maybe natural birth would’ve been possible. I’ll have pictures in 2 days!

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