Week 38 – She’s coming in 2 days!

Today, we went to the clinic for the final checkup before birth.  For much of the past week, we’ve been hoping for a natural birth, so my wife did a lot of exercising.  Unfortunately, the baby hasn’t descended.  But there’s no way the baby can be born naturally safely.

The doctor explained to us that this is a case of Cephalopelvic Disproportion.  The baby’s head is too big for my wife’s pelvis.  She won’t fit through.  So, a Caesarean section is the only way to deliver her safely.  My wife will be going into the clinic tomorrow morning, and our daughter will be born on January 25th.  We know her birthday!  I will be present at the clinic when she’s born, so I’ll be seeing her just after birth.  I will be taking pictures!  I’ll also be visiting every day for the rest of the week.  My wife is feeling nervous about the C-section.  She won’t be feeling pain, but she’ll still be feeling the actual operation.  That must be a very strange feeling.  She doesn’t want to feel it at all.

The difficult thing about this is the cost.  Fortunately, C-section is the cheapest way, as health insurance covers 70% of it, and my wife’s life insurance will pay for the rest.  If it was natural birth, health and life insurance would cover none of it, and it would be astronomically high.  We couldn’t afford it.

We also have a possible name chosen.  I won’t announce it until we’ve decided for certain.  That’ll come later this week, and quite possibly on Wednesday.

Apart from the birth, we have received some very important things for the baby.  We’ve received the bath for newborns (only needed for a month) and the baby’s bed.  She won’t be home until February 2nd, so the bed will just be sitting empty until then.  Anyway, here are some bed pictures!

Here's the baby's crib! It's all ready for the baby.

Inside the baby's bed. My wife chose pink.


2 thoughts on “Week 38 – She’s coming in 2 days!

  1. Hi…I would like to know the cost of c-section in Japan, and how much the allowance can cover such amount. Appreciate your support. Thank you


    • That’s a difficult question to answer. A planned c-section is not covered by insurance, and you have to pay the full amount. I think it was around 700,000 yen for us. But since ours was not planned and was medically necessary, it was covered by health insurance, which paid for 70% of the cost. The remaining amount was paid for by my wife’s life insurance. We paid the initial 100,000 yen reservation for the women’s clinic months before the birth.

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