Tomoe, 1 day old

Today, I went back to the clinic with my mother-in-law to see my wife and Tomoe.  We got to see her through the window in the nursery as before.  My wife was up and walking around, so she watched with us.  What we noticed immediately is that her cheeks weren’t as big today.  She’s lost a bit of that fat.  As I understand it, babies often lose a little weight in the first days as they lose some of their birth fat and fluids.

She was sleeping peacefully when I arrived.

My mother-in-law had to leave at 3 pm, and go back to Saitama.  So, it was just me with my wife now.  My wife’s been feeling some pain from her surgery and was still being fed through IV.  She can finally eat something tomorrow, although she could have a couple of puddings today.   We were then told that we could hold her.  So, we went into the clean area of the clinic, and I had to wear this hospital gown over my clothes.  We went into a room where we could be alone with Tomoe.  The nurse taught us how to hold her, then gave her to my wife.

The first time my wife got to hold her.

She didn’t hold her for long.  She gave her to me to hold for a while, as I don’t get to do this much while they’re in the clinic.

Now it's my turn. I need a haircut.

My wife then started taking many pictures.  I’ve chosen only a few to show below.  Some things that I found interesting is that I could see every pore on her nose.  They were very light coloured.  Also, her eyebrows are almost non-existent.  Very, very fine.  And her hair is definitely brown.  Quite similar to my hair.

She slept very peacefully in my arms.

She's holding my finger! I think everyone has a photo like this.

She moved around a little while I was holding her and made a few noises, but she was very relaxed and peaceful.

I then gave her back to my wife.  What was remarkable to me is how calm and quiet she was.  No complaints.  However, she did make some funny faces as she was probably passing gas or something else.

I gave her back to my wife, and she made this face. Actually, she did this a lot with me, too. Probably passing gas.

We put her back in the bed, so the nurse could take her back to the nursery.  We went back to my wife’s room for a while, then watched Tomoe again.  There were 2 other babies in the nursery at the time, and one of them was crying a lot.  He had his diaper changed and was fed.  But because of the crying, Tomoe started crying a little bit.

This was just before I left. She was crying because another baby was crying.

It was getting close to dinner time for the mothers, and I was getting hungry, too.  So, I went back home.  I’ll be going back tomorrow for more of this.  I can’t wait!


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