Tomoe, 3 days old

Today is my last day off from work.  I return to work tomorrow, so I can’t see her tomorrow.  I had to enjoy being with Tomoe as much as possible today.  I did a lot of watching.  She didn’t really do much most of the time, just slept peacefully.

Tomoe was sleeping in this position almost the entire time I was there.

I wasn’t sure I was going to get many pictures that didn’t look the same.  I did get a chance later for some interesting pictures, though.

Before I get to that, my wife’s grandmother, aunt and uncle visited her and Tomoe at the clinic today.  This was only the second time I’ve met her aunt and uncle, but her grandmother lives next door to her parents.  Her grandmother kept watching Tomoe very intently and would repeat “kawaii ne” often.  She was saying “Cute, isn’t she?”  She seemed to really enjoy watching Tomoe.  They didn’t stay long and soon left after some chatting.  So, I got back to taking pictures.

Not quite a smile.

Making faces at me.

Is she trying to hide?

Just continuing to look cute.

Just before I went home, she made this face.

Tomoe was moving quite a bit near the end of my visit.  She was making a lot of involuntary jerky movements with her arms.  This is normal, and is a sign that her nervous system is still developing.  Her brain is still being wired.

My wife is walking pretty close to normal now.  She’s been feeling back pain due to using her muscles differently, as her posture has returned to her pre-pregnancy state.  I got to see the cut that the doctor made for the Caesarean section.  It was much shorter than I expected.

One last thing before I finish.  In Japan, it is traditional for family members to give new parents gift money in envelopes.  Unlike in Canada, where a gift is a gift and return gifts are not expected, we are required to find a gift to give to each person who has given us gift money.  It’s a kind of thank you.  Japan is known for its gift giving traditions.

Tomorrow, I won’t have any pictures, unless my wife is able to send me one or two.  Back to work!


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