Tomoe, 5 days old

After working a day, I could finally go back to the clinic to see my wife and daughter.  It was great to see them!  But last night, after my last post, my wife sent me a picture.  This is what I got.

Last night, my wife took this picture of Tomoe feeding.

She’s feeding pretty well, but apparently, she’s drinking milk sometimes and formula other times.  Today, she was supposed to be fed around 4pm, but when I arrived, she was sound asleep. A nurse said she’s the kind of baby that drinks a lot, then sleeps a long time.  My visit today was shorter than usual, but I got some great pictures and a great treat from her.  So, to start, here is what I got to see when I arrived.

She was sleeping peacefully when I saw her today.

Tomoe now has 4 roommates. 1 other girl and 3 boys.

She's making a funny face after stretching.

It was time for her to be fed, so I went to the dining room to wait and read a while.  When feeding was done, my wife came and got me to see her.  She was awake!

After being fed, she was awake for a while.

Looking right at me!

Oh, she's crying now.

Just before I went home, she looked at me again.

When she started crying, I was surprised about how I felt.  I wanted to help her somehow.  I guess there was nothing I could do.  She could have been tired or still a bit hungry.  She has a big appetite!  She stopped crying just before dinner service started.  I had to go home.  But she gave me one last look before I went home.

Unfortunately, I can’t see them tomorrow or Wednesday due to work.  However, they’re coming home on Thursday!  I can’t wait.


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