Hello new life, Tomoe comes home

Tomorrow is a big day.  Tomoe and my wife are coming home.  Tomoe has never seen the outside of the clinic she’s been in since she was born a week ago.  She’ll be going outside and feeling the cold winter air for the first time.  She’ll be coming home, and she’ll be able to sleep in her new bed.  She’ll have a dog to meet and she’ll be held by her grandmother for the first time.  My mother-in-law will be staying with us for a week, so Tomoe will have 3 people to look after her.  She’ll have so much more human contact now, and it’ll be more than her mom and the nurses.  Now it’s her mom, grandma and me, her dad.  She can begin her new life.

My wife and I will begin our new lives, as well.  No sleeping through the night for a while, often feeding, changing diapers, bathing and of course, playing with and talking to her.  We plan to raise her fully bilingual, with my wife speaking only Japanese to her and me speaking only English.  We will speak to each other in English, so that she gets as much exposure to English in this almost entirely Japanese language country.  It’s certainly going to be an adventure.

Sorry, but no pictures today.


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