Tomoe, 6 days old

Today, I wasn’t able to go to the clinic.  I did get a couple of pictures, though.  I’m really glad that they’re out of the clinic on Thursday.  It’ll be so good to see them home! Today, she’s been pooping a lot, and hasn’t been so peaceful.  She’s been crying a lot more, and wanted her mom to hold her.  Sounds like she wants more contact.

Here are the two pictures my wife took.  Enjoy!

Tomoe is making a funny face at mom.

A closeup of her eye. They're blue-grey, though it doesn't look like it in this photo.


2 thoughts on “Tomoe, 6 days old

  1. The blue-gray tint is apparently pretty standard for newborns… Coralyn’s eyes were also that color when she was born, but by about six months they darkened to a chestnut brown.

    This entire thing has been somewhat fascinating to me because it contrasts so much with our birth experience, where she was in the room with us the entire time (the hospital didn’t even have a nursery room!), we were only there for three days (although with a C-section that might have been different…), and they wouldn’t have even started to talk with us about scheduling the birth until at least a week after the due date. I imagine some of it speaks to how the health care systems work in different countries, and some to cultural differences in childbirth. If you haven’t seen the documentary Babies, it’s pretty good and actually touches a bit on this too, with four babies from around the world, including one from Japan.

    • I’ve been surprised many times about the childbirth process in Japan. C-sections are done with a vertical cut, not a horizontal cut (probably due to the similarities with harakiri). The length of the stay in Japan is far longer than in pretty much anywhere. Maybe they want to be thorough? Or they just do that to get more money? Normally, they don’t talk about scheduling a birth here until about a week before the birth, as well. However, due to my wife’s small birth canal and our baby’s large size, they said it should be done soon. It was only 6 days before the due date, anyway.

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