Tomoe, 12 days old

Today was a big day for a couple reasons.  First, we registered Tomoe with city office, which I already wrote about.  Second, I changed her diaper.  That’s right, I managed to avoid changing her diaper in the past 4 days, but I got to do it today.

I was feeding Tomoe, and when she finished, she relaxed comfortably in my arms while I made faces at her (more on that later).  She started making faces back at me, but not in response to me making faces.  I suddenly felt and heard an explosion.  She took a rather soupy poop.  My wife asked me to change her diaper, and when I took it off of her, I noticed that she pooped a lot.  Gee, thanks.  My wife describes her poop as “tuna curry.”  It has the colour of curry.  Well, I did eventually get her diaper changed, after she put her own foot in her poop.

Tonight, she’s been quite peaceful.  She’s been sleeping very well today and not so fussy.  But newborn babies tend to be irritable in the late evening, but sleep well during the day.  That seems to be true for Tomoe, but she’s been good so far tonight (it’s not over yet!).

As I said before, I was making faces at her.  There’s a reason for this.  Babies her age tend to focus on people’s faces all the time.  They like to watch the mouth and eyebrows more than the eyes.  So, according to Baby Center, 1 week old babies try to mimic mouth and eyebrow movements.  I decided to test this.  She actually has copied my mouth movements a bit, but not so much.  She loves to look at our faces, though.

Her legs have been straightening out and less bowlegged than they were a week ago.  She’s been holding things with her hands quite a bit more, and has been moving her hands closer to her face.  Her neck also seems to be getting stronger.  We’ll have to try putting her on her stomach while she’s awake for short periods to help her strengthen her neck muscles.

Here’s a couple pictures for those of you who want to see a peacefully sleeping baby.

Tomoe has been sleeping quite peacefully tonight.

One hour later, still asleep.


2 thoughts on “Tomoe, 12 days old

  1. Changing the diaper is pretty easy now. Just wait till she gets mobile around one year old or so and she wiggles and squirms while you try and change her. 🙂

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