Tomoe, 2 weeks old

As of today, Tomoe is 2 weeks old.  My wife took her to the clinic for a checkup, and there’s no problem.  She’s very healthy.  Her birth weight was 3302 grams, but she now weighs 3400 grams, gaining only 100 grams in 2 weeks.  But it’s normal for a newborn to lose weight in the first week.  She’s a very hungry baby at night these days.  At this moment, she’s sleeping quietly, which is unusual for the past week.  She’s certainly had an eventful day, riding in a car, seeing the doctor.

This morning, my wife put her in our bed with me, and let her sleep next to me as I slept.  Then, without me knowing, she took a picture and posted it on Facebook.

Her next visit to the clinic is February 29th.  That’ll be her one month checkup.


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