Tomoe, 16 days old

Tomoe’s been pretty good lately.  Going to sleep well at night, not being so fussy.  Well, until tonight, that is.  She already ate a lot, and is still behaving like she wants more.  She’s using a pacifier right now, so hopefully she will settle down and get some sleep.

Tonight, I’ve noticed how much more aware she is.  She’s looking around a lot, and she’s paying attention to things a lot more.  For example, when I look at her face, she’ll look back at my face.  Not necessarily at my eyes, but she’s looking at me.  When I was burping her, she suddenly turned her head to look directly at me, and her eyes went very wide as she realised how close to my face she was.  It was quite funny.

Today was also her first time vomiting.  Another first is her snoring.  That’s normal for babies, though.  Her air passages are quite narrow, so it happens to most babies.  And finally, maybe this wasn’t intentional, but she let go of her pacifier, and it fell into her open hand.  She then pushed the pacifier back into her mouth and kept it there.  Not sure if she meant to do that or if it was just happenstance.


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