Tomoe, 18 days old

Tomoe’s been showing lots of new things recently.  Yesterday, she was crying, and most likely hungry.  But she was content to suck on my knuckle, which she seems to really enjoy.  This’ll be quite the story to tell her when she’s older, I’m sure.  But not only did she suck on my knuckle, she grabbed my hand with both of her hands and held it to her face.  She appeared to actually want to hold my hand there.

She actually held my hand near her face so she could suck on my knuckle.

Another thing she’s been doing in the past couple of days is making a lot of facial expressions.  One that she’s been doing quite frequently is smiling.  I’m sure she has no idea what it means, but she’ll probably understand in about 4 to 6 weeks.  Babies usually have their first smile at 6 to 8 weeks.

It's a smile!

One thing we’ve noticed today is that she has some dry flaky skin on her scalp.  This is known as cradle cap.  It occurs in babies between 2 weeks and 3 months old, and is a side effect of the mother’s hormones still inside the baby.  Dry skin is quite normal for young babies, and it shouldn’t be anything to worry about.


4 thoughts on “Tomoe, 18 days old

  1. The various facial expressions during the newborn’s sleep is something I’ve read about.
    The baby is actually “practicing” various facial expressions linked to basic emotions (happiness, anger, fear, content, etc) without actually feeling them. It is some sort of muscular practice.

    • Yeah, but it’s not just a newborn that does this. For 3 months before being born, babies are exercising their facial muscles in this manner. However, although she may be smiling, it won’t be another month or so before she learns the actual connection between happiness and smiling.

  2. Both my kids had cradle cap. It clears up after a while, it you really hate it rubbing a little olive oil in helps soften it up.
    Tomoe is just beautiful, I love seeing your updates.

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