Tomoe, 3 weeks old

Tomoe’s 3 weeks old!  The past 3 days have shown some ups and downs, though.

Last night, she slept well, and I could actually sleep the full night.  The night before, she would not sleep until 5 am.  She would only sleep if she was sleeping with us.  So, she finally went to sleep on our bed with us.  Last night, she slept in her own bed perfectly fine.  Tonight, she’s a bit fussy again.  She’s been really hungry, and wouldn’t stop demanding food.  Finally, we filled her up just a few minutes ago.  She’s now in her new bed on a bed.  That’s right, she has a new bed, but it’s a small mattress that she can use on our bed.  It’s designed to keep her in one place, so she doesn’t move around, and also to keep us from rolling onto her.

Tomoe's new bed on a bed.

Now, my question is, do you or did you let your baby sleep in your bed with you?  It’s quite common in Japan, but in Canada, I believe it’s not so common.  If you allow your baby to sleep with you regularly, they won’t get out of this habit until they’re 3 years old.  Hopefully, we don’t make this too regular.


4 thoughts on “Tomoe, 3 weeks old

  1. I think co-sleeping is a lot more common than you’d think in North America — at least a third of people we’ve talked with co-slept! I suspect the reason you don’t hear about it much in public settings is because groups like the American Association of Pediatrics caution against it, despite thousands of years of practice throughout the world and scientific evidence that it actually results in lower rates of SIDS and improves sleep cycles.

    We had no initial plans to co-sleep with Coralyn, but it was so much easier at the start for night feedings and just generally soothing her and helping her ease back to sleep when she had late-night wake-ups. Plus it meant more sleep for us since there wasn’t the need to get up, trundle off to her room, prepare a bottle, etc.

    She still sleeps in our bed most of the time, and as you note she’s not too keen to move into her own bed, although she’s at least starting to use it for naps. We also had one of those mini-mattress things at the start, but ended up getting rid of it because it took up even more of the bed and the “rolling over onto her” fear turned out to be unfounded.

    • The amount of room on the bed is something I was concerned about. I actually found that the blankets weren’t big enough, but with some adjusting, it’s fine now.

      Her mattress has raised edges, so it’ll keep her from throwing up on us, hopefully 🙂

  2. I was breast feeding so Cassie slept with us. I didn’t like getting out of bed in the middle of the night, and Zach and I got a lot more sleep.

    Cassie was sleeping in her crib (in our room) by 9 months old, and we moved her into her own room when she was 1 1/2 years old.

    We stopped the night feedings when she got her first teeth (didn’t want her to get cavities), that’s when we started to move her from our bed to her own. First we had her crib next to the bed with one side off, so I could reach over and touch her if she started to stir, and she would go back to sleep. Then we put the crib back together, and moved the crib across the room. I was nervous about SIDS, which is why we waited until she was 1 1/2 before we moved her into her own room. Cassie is 2 1/2 now and is sleeping through the night, most of the time.

    • Thanks for the comment, Carol. Nice to know that you could gradually wean her of sleeping in your bed. We don’t have another room for Tomoe, so that’s not possible until we move into a place with 2 bedrooms.

      I’m often worried about SIDS, as well. But it’s a small percentage.

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