Tomoe’s big milestones this week

1 month is fast approaching this week, and Tomoe’s made some big advances in the last few days.  A couple weeks ago, she slept almost all the time, stared at nothing in particular, didn’t really focus on anything, and couldn’t lift her head at all.  That’s all changed!

Today, Tomoe was awake a lot.  She seemed to be far more aware and paid a lot of attention to things.  She’s been watching us.  As we go up to her, she looks at our faces.  She’s been looking around a lot, as well.  She’s been moving her head quite a bit to focus on various things, although her eyesight isn’t good enough to make out things farther than half a metre or so.  However, she is focusing on light and colour.  I’ve used my iPhone to give her something colourful and bright to focus on, and she tracks it quite well as I move it.  She has far more control over her eyes and head movements now.  Another thing we’ve noticed her doing is looking at the TV, most likely because it’s giving off a colourful light that moves around.  2 weeks ago, when I looked into her eyes, she didn’t seem to have any kind of focus.  Just a blank stare at times, though she did watch my face a bit.  But now, I see so much expression in her eyes.  Her personality is starting to show.

Another big milestone is her ability to hold up her head.  Today, I placed her on my chest while I was reclining, and she lifted her head to look at me.  She held her head up for quite a while.  This is important, because she can soon sit up and hold her own head up.  Her neck muscles are developing well.

Just a few pictures now.  Enjoy!

Stretch time!

Making funny faces is my job!

Back to sleep peacefully.



2 thoughts on “Tomoe’s big milestones this week

  1. Tommy is so cute. Her cheeks are chubbier then they were before. Shows she is eating well. Keep up with anything knew about her. I need to know.

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