1 month old!

On February 25th, Tomoe turned 1 month old.  It’s hard to believe that a month has already passed.  That was a fast month.  Over the past month, she’s grown both physically and mentally.  Her personality is showing now.  She’s getting physically stronger, able to hold up her head.  She’s been watching us, watching bright shiny lights, and showing a lot of expressions on her face.  She’s also been going outside with us.

While it’s still cold outside, we bundle her up and take her along with us to the supermarket.  On her one month birthday, she took her first trip outside while still awake.  It was dark out, but she was so fascinated with all the lights.  During our 10 minute walk to Seiyu, she fell asleep in my arms, and didn’t wake up for the rest of our grocery shopping.

Tomoe also has a toy that I started using with her tonight.  She didn’t really do much with it, as she has poor control of her arms and hands still, but she did stare at it and study it carefully.  When playing with her in other ways, she starts breathing faster and making sounds, like she’s getting excited.  It should only be 2 to 4 weeks until she has her first genuine smile, and maybe even start laughing.  In addition, only 2 months until she starts eating solid food.  She’s been drinking greater amounts of milk and formula every week.

Here are some 1 month birthday pictures.

Can you hear that? She's snoring.

Tomoe has wings, but not from Red Bull.

All propped up. This is before she got ready to go out shopping.

Tomoe rabbit is ready for shopping at Seiyu.

She was fascinated with this toy for a while.


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