Tomoe, 5 weeks old

Since Tomoe’s 1 month “birthday,” she passed a big test.  I’ve been reading that babies should have some tummy time, spending some time on their stomach to help exercise their neck muscles.  Well, I gave her a test, and she passed with flying colours!

Her neck has become strong. She can lift her head while she's on her stomach. In this picture, she's actually on my chest.

She maintained this position for more than a minute.

Not only is her neck getting stronger, but she can hold her head up when she’s being held vertically.  However, it’s not strong enough to prevent her head from falling backwards.  But she’ll be able to hold her head up well soon enough.

We’ve been going out with her more often, though she usually falls asleep in our arms while we walk.  Here’s a picture of her before we went out a couple days ago.

She got dressed up for us to go shopping. My mom bought this outfit for Tomoe.

Today (February 29th), she went to the clinic for her one month checkup.  She’s very healthy, and we have an update on her growth.  She’s now 4270 grams and 55 cm long.  The doctor gave my wife the green light for her and Tomoe to have a bath!


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