Busy weekend! Hina Matsuri and a photo studio visit

March 3rd was Hina Matsuri, or the Doll Festival (also known as Girls’ Day).  I made a blog post about it on my Japan blog.  Normally, a Hina Doll set is set up in late February, then taken down right after the festival.

Our Hina Doll set.

We kept our display up until the 5th, though.  There’s a superstition that says if you keep the display up beyond the 4th, the daughter will marry late.  Well, we kept it up until the 5th so we could celebrate it with my wife’s parents and sister.

Unfortunately, my wife’s dad couldn’t come today.  Only her mom and sister came.  We were all supposed to have a family photo done with Tomoe, but since he couldn’t come, we changed our plans.  We still went to get our photos done, though.  So, my wife, Tomoe and I took a taxi to Tsujido’s Terrace Mall Shonan in the rain, where we went to Studio Alice.  On the way there, Tomoe stared out the window, fascinated by everything moving past.  When we went through a tunnel, her eyes opened widely.  We finally arrived at the mall, and she’d fallen asleep.  We found the studio, which specializes in children’s photos, and got prepared.

Tomoe slept before her picture was taken. I took this picture before realising that I wasn't supposed to take pictures in the studio. I could take video, though.

We picked out a couple of outfits for Tomoe to wear.  One is a white dress with light pink flowers, and the other is a pink kimono.  Many photos were taken of Tomoe by herself, but my wife and I joined her for one set of photos.  It was quite funny watching her show very little interest in the photographer or camera, and she looked away a lot.  I won’t be posting any of the photos on here, as they’re professionally done, and they own the copyright.  Besides, they’re personal.

Once we were done, we went shopping, and all 5 of us returned to our apartment.  We had a great meal of sushi, roast beef, and several other foods.  After that, my mother-in-law dismantled the Hina Doll set.  My wife has since drunk the bottle of peach juice, which she said is a lot like Calpis.  We ate some of the snacks that we had displayed with the Hina Doll set.  Pretty sweet.

It was a pretty busy day for us.  Tomoe has been sleeping most of the time since.  It was her first visit to a shopping mall, and the farthest she’s been from home.  Just wait until we go to Saitama later this month.  It’ll probably be her first train ride.


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