Tomoe, 7 weeks old

I wanted to post this 2 days ago on her 7 week “birthday,” but we had internet problems.  There’s a lot to update about her.  Where do I start?

Her sleeping habits have been getting more regular.  By that, I mean that she sleeps at night and is often wide awake a lot of the day.  Unfortunately for my wife, this sometimes involves crying.  She only stops when she holds her.  A little separation anxiety?  She’s been sleeping 6 or 7 hours at night without waking up for feeding.  That’s giving us a much better sleep at night!

She’s also been having drinks other than milk and formula.  She tried water and didn’t dislike it.  She’s also had some barley tea, which she seems to like.  So far, she doesn’t seem very picky about flavours.

Tomoe loves going outside these days.  She often watches everything going by with a lot of interest.  She’s very calm outside.  So calm that she often falls asleep due to the walking motion.  She had her first bus ride last night.  She seems to enjoy traveling by car or bus.

Her facial expressions have become very expressive lately.  She’s showing her emotions quite a bit more now, and the best faces are when she’s interested in something or happy.  Yes, she’s started smiling!  I’ve found it quite difficult to get her smiling pictures, though.  The morning she started smiling, just 2 days ago, I couldn’t catch her on camera, but I got a partial smile.  This morning, she gave a huge smile, but again, I wasn’t ready to take a picture.  I got a smaller smile, though.  So, enjoy her smile!

This picture was taken two days ago. Almost a smile!

This morning, I managed to finally get her smile. But she's had bigger smiles.



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