Tomoe, 8 weeks old

Another week has passed, and Tomoe keeps growing up.  Well, she’s still a baby, but a lot can happen in a week.

She’s continuing to smile.  She smiles a lot now, especially when I talk.  It seems that whenever I’m talking to my wife or to her, she watches me intently and smiles quite often.  But she’s not all smiles these days.

It appears that she may be suffering from gas on occasion.  Tonight, she’s been good, but for the previous two nights, she’s been extremely fussy.  She’d drink only a little, then refuse to have any more.  We’d put her down for a while, then she’d start crying again, because she was still hungry.  She continued doing this all day both days.  I did manage to get her to smile in the middle, though.  I told her “You smell like old milk,” and she just gave me a very big smile.  I said it again, and she smiled again.  After about 5 times of smiling, she started crying.  Feeding time again!

Her skin continues to be quite dry at times, often looking red.  The following picture of a smiling Tomoe shows how her skin can get red and dry.

She's smiling a lot now!


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