A quarter year old!

Tomoe is 3 months old!  She just had her 3 month “birthday” and she’s still going strong.  It’s been incredible to watch her change over the past 3 months.  She went from a newborn baby who couldn’t see very far, showed very little in the way of awareness, and couldn’t hold her head up to a baby who is very vocal, smiles a lot, and has a very strong neck.  She’s showing a lot of personality now.  I have plenty of conversations with her these days.  She makes a sound with her voice, and I just answer her.  Then she responds.  She’s responding to our voices a lot, and is often searching the room for us.  When I come home from work, she has a big smile as soon as she looks at me.  She’s also been trying to turn herself over.  She gets about 40% of the way, but can’t quite roll.  She’s also starting to push herself up with her arms while she’s on her stomach.

We often play with her.  She seems to really enjoy being held up above our heads, like she’s flying.  She absolutely loves that.  She loves bouncing, too.  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of activities and toys she likes.

3 month old babies are at a very important point in their lives.  Their brains are developing quickly, and language is beginning to get its foundation.  She may not be able to understand any words, but she’s learning conversational sounds.  She constantly watches while we talk.  This is the time we should be talking to her a lot, saying as many different things as possible to aid her in learning new words.  We should be pointing things out and saying what they are.  As she’ll be raised bilingually, she has to learn words for 2 languages, which means her first 4 or 5 years will show somewhat slow language development.  However, that’s normal and nothing to worry about.

Golden Week is coming up, and she’s going to have a busy week.  On Sunday, we’re going to a beach barbecue, where she’ll meet a lot of people.  Then on Monday, she’s going to her grandparents’ house and finally meeting her grandpa.  It’ll be an exciting week for her!

Even while sleeping, she's showing she's strong.


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