The quest for the perfect diaper

As with any product, the search for the perfect brand requires extensive testing.  This is especially true for diapers.  Tomoe is now at about 6 kg, which means she can now move up to the medium size diapers (6-11 kg) from the small size (4-8 kg).  The small diapers have been getting quite tight on her, as well as being somewhat too small to hold in all her poop.  Yes, she’s leaked quite often lately.

We’ve tried a few brands, including Pampers, Merries, Moony and Goo.n.  We’ve been using mostly Pampers for the small size, though we’ve been using Goo.n recently.  The small size Moony diapers leaked a bit more than others, though Pampers and Goo.n have been leaking a lot lately.

Now, we’ve moved on to medium.  We just bought Pampers and Moony today, so we’ll see how they work.  One thing’s for certain, the medium fits much better than the small.  Pampers fits extremely well, and my wife said that she’s probably a Pampers baby, meaning she’s the right shape for them.  The Moony diapers have an advantage, though.  They have an elastic waste band.  We’ll see how both brands hold up to leaks, and if they hold enough volume of poop.

So, from now on, we are conducting the poop test.



7 thoughts on “The quest for the perfect diaper

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  2. Hi Jaydee,

    I came across your blog while searching for Japanese nappies reviews. What’s your thought about Merries, Moony or Goon after the test? Here in Sydney, we could get Japanese nappies online. Just not sure out of these 3 brands, which is better? Have you used any of their baby wipes?

    • We’re quite happy with Goon at the moment. We’ve been using it quite a bit, especially the pants type as our daughter’s passed 1 year old. But we’ve also been using the Japanese Pampers, which have been good in the large size, but weren’t as good as medium. Sometimes, it depends on the size. As for wipes, we’ve only been using the Pampers ones, although we have switched to Costco’s brand. They’re bigger and softer.

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