A big family gathering

Yesterday, my family went to my wife’s hometown of Warabi, Saitama.  It’s not really a long trip, but it is about 1 1/2 hours away by train on the north side of Tokyo.  We live south of Tokyo.  I was expecting to see my wife’s parents, sister and grandmother originally, but that’s not how it happened.  Nearly the whole family was there.  That means all her grandparents, two aunts, an uncle, a cousin and his wife and two kids, her parents and sister.  Most of them got to meet Tomoe for the first time.  A few saw her in the clinic, but only my wife’s mom, sister and grandmother had actually held her before.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the family and were quickly seated around the table where we were going to have a big lunch of sushi, tempura and pizza.  My wife introduced Tomoe to everyone.  You see, this get together was to celebrate Tomoe’s first 100 days, although that isn’t until later this week.  She was pretty popular throughout the day.  My wife’s maternal grandparents were able to finally meet Tomoe and I.  They’re very nice people, and her grandfather is a funny man.  Before he left, he shook my hand for a long time and said “ありがとう” (thank you) about 7 or 8 times.

There were two people in particular that spent a lot of time with Tomoe.  First was my wife’s dad, Tomoe’s grandpa.  He hadn’t been able to see her since she was in the clinic, so this was a big day for him to see his first grandchild.  He really enjoyed holding Tomoe, and did so several times.  Toward the end of our stay in my wife’s grandmother’s house, he went over to Tomoe and lied down next to her while she slept.  He kept patting her hand until he also fell asleep.

The other person was my wife’s cousin’s daughter.  She’s 11 years old.  Later in the day, she wanted to play with Tomoe a lot.  She seemed to enjoy it very much, and Tomoe seemed to like her, too.  She’s already got a friend in her second cousin.

Everyone left, and that left only us, my wife’s parents, sister and paternal grandmother.  My wife and her sister wanted us to get some purikura (short for print club, a kind of photo booth that allows you to alter the image with text, pictures, backgrounds or big eyes), so we went along with Tomoe and had them done up at Round One, a big amusement company with bowling alleys, sports and video games.  No, I will not post the results here.  We returned back to my in-laws’ house for a quick dinner, then back home.  But before we left, my father-in-law was very amused by something.  They found some small teddy bear (probably the dog’s toy) and noticed that Tomoe was in the same position.  Big photo opportunity!

Which one is the bear?

So, we had a long train ride back home, and Tomoe was exhausted.  She slept most of the night with a couple feeding breaks, and has been sleeping all afternoon today.  In the past two days, she has met more people than she’s ever met in her life.


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