Tomoe at a beach barbecue

On Sunday, my family went to a beach barbecue with a friend of mine in Kamakura.  It was at Yuigahama Beach, which I’ve posted about before.  This was Tomoe’s first chance to meet a large number of people, and she was quite popular.  Several of my coworkers were there, and they were quite interested in meeting Tomoe.  It was a good chance for her to be the centre of attention, and she seemed to have little trouble with it.  But she seemed to have a hard time with one person in particular who kept looking at her with his face very close to her.  I think she was uncomfortable.  But she seemed to have no trouble with all of the women, as well as plenty of the men.  One thing that she did that surprised me was that she started crying when she was close to the water.  She was so excited before.

Tomoe’s introduction to my world was pretty successful.  She’s known mostly just home and some shops and the neighbourhood, but this time, she got to experience the people I meet every week.  It was a very tiring experience for her, though.  She slept a lot Sunday night.  But Monday was another big day, which I’ll post about soon.

Another big thing was that my wife’s homemade karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) was very successful.

Tomoe was in the red baby carriage. Notice the hawk near the centre? There were so many hawks that day!

She was very happy!

Double happy!

Sunday night at home, having dinner.


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