The Tongue

It’s the tongue!!

Sounds like a cheap horror movie, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t.  Tomoe’s been extremely active lately, and she’s been sticking her tongue out a lot.  It’s normal, as she’s discovering how to use her body.  Before, she was playing around with her hands and watching them.  Now, it’s her tongue.

That’s not all that’s been developing recently.  Tomoe’s becoming mobile!  She nearly turned herself over this week, making it onto her side, but not quite onto her stomach.  She’s also been pushing herself around with her feet while she’s on her back.  We have a small sofa that unfolds into a mattress that she’s been lying on, but she’s nearly pushed herself onto the floor head first.  So, we tried putting her on the floor, on a cork mat used to prevent damage to the floor from our trampoline.  Well, she turned herself around by 90 degrees.

On her stomach for tummy time, she’s beginning to push up with her arms.  She doesn’t quite get it, though.  She can keep her head high despite not mastering the push-up.  But that’s okay, as it’s expected to happen by 4 months old.

She’s getting good at sitting up with support, and enjoys it far more than lying down.  She can take her own weight on her feet, as well.  Of course, she can’t stand, but her legs are pretty strong now.  She has a powerful kick!

She’s been extremely vocal, too.  She often talks by herself, experimenting with different sounds.  She’s done raspberry sounds, and can often say things like “ba,” “ma,” “buuu,” “mom,” “aaa-uuu,” and so on.  It sounds cute, but there are times when she gets irritable and won’t stop complaining.  It’s most likely discomfort from gas, as she isn’t hungry nor does she need a diaper change.  She’s just noisy!  All day, all the time.  It’s easy to get frustrated, but we have to be patient.

Her sleeping habits are becoming more routine.  She sleeps through the night quite often and has a couple naps during the day.  But sometimes, she suddenly wakes up because she’s hungry.  We need to break the habit of a nighttime feeding.

She’s finally becoming more interested in toys.  She has one rattle-like toy that has bells in it that she will hold if given to her.  She’ll look at it a lot, but not play with it.

It’s an exciting time for Tomoe’s development right now.  So much is happening, and she’s changing so fast!  I can’t believe she’s probably around 8 kg now.  Coming soon is her 4 month checkup and immunizations.


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