Babies are their own worst enemy

Tomoe’s becoming a bit of a problem for herself.  She moves around a lot.  While she can’t yet roll over, she can scoot herself around on the sofa by kicking her legs.  We have a couple of sofas, one is a white vinyl sofa, while the other is actually a mattress that folds up like a small sofa.  On the white sofa, our main sofa, she’ll be propped up by a pillow, which she then promptly slides down as she kicks.  She’ll twist around a bit and manage to put herself into a position that could cause her to fall head first on the floor.  On the other sofa, she turns herself around 90 degrees, and then slides down feet first onto the floor.  The sofa is becoming dangerous for her if she isn’t watched.  So, I made her a little bed out of some of my clothes and her blanket and put it on the floor on a cork mat.  At least now she can’t fall off anything.


One thought on “Babies are their own worst enemy

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