Reaching more milestones

Tomoe is a very happy baby these days.  She’s had so many exciting things happen.  Look at how happy she is!

So happy, she’s blurry!

It was a very exciting supermarket.

Earlier this week, Tomoe visited a child centre in Terrace Mall at Tsujido.  She was able to enjoy meeting other babies and my wife could meet other mothers, including one that lives near us, and another mixed baby’s mother.  It’s great that they can both meet new people around here.

Tomoe’s also tried her first solid food.  While it’s recommended for babies to start eating solid food around 5 months old, we checked to see if she could do it.  And what a success it was!  At first, she had a little difficulty, as she was very unfamiliar with the feeling of eating with a spoon and having non-liquid food in her mouth, but she was soon attacking the spoon voraciously.  She loved it!  She ate some baby food made of rice.

Yummy food!

I want more!

Another big milestone is that she’s finally rolled over.  At first, she rolled over from her stomach to her back earlier this week, but today she rolled over from her back to her front for the first time.  She seems to like laying on the floor now, and she rolls over onto her side quite often.

Trying to run? She’s doing it wrong.

As always, Tomoe is smiling and laughing a lot.  Her laughing has become quite infectious.  She likes laughing at me imitating her laugh, as well as strange noises.

Coming soon are immunizations and her 4 month checkup.


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