Attack of the teething baby

Teething is a very uncomfortable time for babies.  Tomoe’s been going through it for a while now, although no teeth are visible yet.  It’s been getting much stronger lately, though.

She’ll grab anything she can get her hands on and put it in her mouth.  If she can’t find anything, she’ll put her own hands in her mouth.  She sucks on a lot of things and drools.  She’s been using a pacifier a lot.  Another thing she does is if she’s holding someone’s hand, she’ll pull it toward her mouth and bite down.  And boy does she bite hard!  She’s got some power in those jaws.  When her teeth start coming in, we’ll have to be careful so that she doesn’t draw blood from out fingers.

The time that the first tooth comes in varies a lot.  For me, my first tooth didn’t appear until 7 months old.  For my sister, it was at 4 months.  Tomoe’s at 4 months old, and while I can actually see where her teeth are under her gums, they aren’t pushing through yet.  I’m really wondering when her first tooth will appear.


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