4 month checkup

Tomoe just had her 4 month checkup.  Basically, she’s healthy.  No problems.  She’s average in weight and length.  Up until now, we’ve only been able to guess about her weight.  Now we know that she’s 6.6 kg, exactly twice her birth weight.  Her length is now 61.2 cm, just 11.2 cm longer than when she was born, but length increases slower than weight.

She was an idol at the clinic, according to my wife.  Everyone wanted to hold her, saying she was like a doll.

Checking babycenter.com, her behaviour and development seems to be right on track.  She should be eating less often, but as the website says, she becomes quite distracted while feeding.  That is certainly true.  It can be difficult to feed her, because she keeps wanting to look around.  She’s also always trying to grab our hands or the bottle while she’s feeding.  It makes her feeding sessions a bit shorter when I do it, because she won’t concentrate on feeding.

She’s also been playing with her hands and feet a lot.  She kicks really hard and she’ll keep doing it repeatedly.  Babies at this age repeatedly do the same motion to test the results.  She’s experimenting!  She’s learning how her body works.  And since she’s testing and playing by herself, she doesn’t need our attention all the time.  She’s becoming a little independent with her playing.

It seems that the behaviours described on babycenter.com are happening to Tomoe about 1 or 2 weeks early.  She’s developing quickly!


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