Two gifts, one pleasant, the other not

We received a package in the mail from my aunt.  It has some books, toys and clothes, including a handmade dress and jacket!  Thank you very much!

But we also have another gift.  Tomoe’s started getting diaper rash.  She’s got a nice red butt now.  We have some cream to help with it, but we’ll see how well it works.

In other news, we’ve been talking to my mom and sister using Skype.  Today, I didn’t something a bit different.  I put the computer on the floor and had Tomoe lay on her stomach in front of it.  She put on an interesting show, including rolling over.  She’s getting better at it!  Hearing that I was walking when I was 9 months old makes me wonder how old Tomoe will be when she starts walking.


4 thoughts on “Two gifts, one pleasant, the other not

  1. Hi, Jay et al–
    Really enjoy your blog and pictures- she’s adorable!
    We’re wondering if you received our wedding gift. Don sent it about a week
    ago to the numbers you specified. Keep up the good work!
    Love, Aunty Elaine
    Hello to your wife and hug Tomoe for me.

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