The master of rolling over

The past few days have been quite amazing, although slightly frustrating, for Tomoe.

She’s become a master of rolling over from her back to her front.  She does it so quickly now, it’s amazing that only a week ago, she struggled for several minutes trying to do it without success.  Now, whenever she’s on her back, she always wants to flip over.  Unfortunately, this means that when her diaper is being changed, she tries to do it then, too.  She’s incredibly squirmy when being changed.

Her dexterity with her hands has improved drastically recently, as well.  She reaches for things now.  Before, she would only hold things if we put them in her hand.  She also manipulates anything she’s holding, examining it closely.  Just a few minutes ago, she was holding onto my hand and studying it carefully.  She then kept moving my hand away, then close again, then away again, then closer once more, and kept repeating this for about 2 or 3 minutes.  She’s testing what she can do and how everything reacts to what she’s doing.  She’s studying very actively these days.

For the past few days, she’s also been extremely active at night.  She’s constantly moving, kicking and talking.  We want to sleep, but she won’t settle down.  Hopefully, this is just a little phase.  But she’s in a good mood through all of this.

Tomoe’s discovered a game that she loves.  Peek-a-boo!  I often cover her face with her bib, and she gets very excited.  When I lift it from her face, her eyes are big and her mouth is wide open.  She gasps like she’s surprised and very excited.  After several times, I lift her bib only halfway up, and she can anticipate what’ll happen next.  She gasps excitedly and gives a big smile.  She loves it!

From BabyCenter’s website, I can see that her development is on target.  She’s definitely developing a sense of humour.  She laughs a lot these days.  She’s a very happy smiling and laughing baby.  As I’ve said above, she manipulates objects that she holds, and she focuses a lot on objects around her.  She’s very interested in many things.

And now for some pictures!

Sleeping peacefully.

She’s rolling over!

It was a hot, sunny day last Friday, and she got some new sunglasses. But they’re still a bit too big for her.

Here’s a cute picture taken by my wife.


4 thoughts on “The master of rolling over

  1. Oh its all fun and games until they can roll both ways. You have no idea how fast kids get into things when they can start doing that. My son is just over 6 months and he can roll and pivot around which will get him most places he wants to go.

    • She has managed to roll over from her front to her back. Actually, the first time she rolled over, that’s how she did it. But she hasn’t done that since. Thanks for the comment!

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