The week of insanity

The past few days have been quite busy for Tomoe.  We went for a long walk on Friday, she spent the day with her mom and grandparents on Father’s Day, and she went to a baby exercise class on Monday.  So much activity stimulates her mind so much that she gets extremely restless at night.  Basically, she’s been absolutely crazy.  It’s been difficult to get her to sleep, and my wife is suffering from a lack of sleep on the days that she works.

She’s in the last week before she turns 5 months old.  How’s she doing?  First, she’s been spending a lot of time on her stomach, which helps her strengthen her arms, neck and back.  She’s gaining very good control of her head and neck and hasn’t been wobbly for quite some time.  She’s able to push herself up with her arms fully extended now.  With all this strengthening and straightening, she’ll be sitting up on her own in no time.

Her “talking” is becoming more varied.  She says “ba,” “ma,” and “pthpthpthpthpthpthp” now.  She also responds to our voices very well.  She smiles when we speak to her, and if she’s not looking at us, she’ll look when we call her.

One thing that we don’t have is a good routine.  Every night seems different for bedtime.  It really depends on how her day went.  I’ve been able to get her to sleep tonight, though.  Hopefully, she’ll stay asleep until morning.


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