Big strides at almost 6 months

Tomoe has shown some amazing things recently.  I’m actually utterly enthralled at what she’s been able to do.  She’s so far ahead in some skills.  Right now, she’s sleeping, but earlier, she did everything that’s been amazing me lately.  I’ll get to that soon.

I’m sleepy.

Tomoe has shown the ability to sit upright while using her hands to hold on to things to balance.  But she usually just puts her hands on the floor and leans forward.  She can’t balance yet.  But she’s been able to do something else.  Her first step towards crawling!  She’s shown us that she can get on her hands and knees, and she does it with so much ease now.  She frequently rocks forward and backward, like she’s trying to figure out how to crawl.  She can’t do that yet, but she can turn herself around with her hands.

Look! I can almost crawl!

Not only that, she’s been arching her whole body with her hands and feet only on the floor.  She did that for the first time in the past week.  She’s getting strong arms, legs and back.

Look! No hands!

In the above picture, she’s actually fallen asleep while drinking.  However, she can now hold the bottle herself, and she will take it out of her mouth, and when she wants it again, accurately put the nipple back in her mouth.  Her coordination isn’t perfect, but she’s doing incredibly well!

On that topic, she’s able to reach for and grasp many objects.  She’s been playing with toys a lot these days, including shaking them to make noise.  She’s extremely curious, and she wants to touch everything.  She’ll hold things with two hands or just one hand, and she enjoys feeling things and seeing what kind of sounds they make if she scratches them.

I’m so sleepy.

On Friday, she got her DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) vaccination done, and she was so good!  No crying at all.  Not one complaint.  I don’t think she even noticed!

Her social skills are quite good now.  She interacts with us a lot, and now that she understands her name, she looks when she’s called.  She’ll also interact with other babies.  Her vocalizations are becoming more varied with lots of single syllable sounds and some rather sudden bark-like sounds, like “HAH!”

She’s been trying more and more kinds of solid food lately, too.  She’s enjoyed spinach, pumpkin, sweet potato, and more.  She tried apple for the first time and gave us a hilarious look on her face.  Too sour! She gave the same response for yoghurt.

But I think the biggest thing is that her legs are becoming so strong, and her refusal to sit down have resulted in her always wanting to stand up, with support, of course.  But she’s getting so good at it, she can push herself up from a sitting position to stand up!

Look everyone! I can stand!

She not even 6 months old, and she can stand.  She’s always surprising us!


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