An eventful week for Tomoe

I don’t know how she does it, but Tomoe keeps surprising us.  Recently, she’s been standing up with support and sitting up without support.  But this week’s big news is that she has started crawling forward!  Now we have to work hard on baby-proofing and keeping her out of things she shouldn’t be touching.

I’m not exactly sure how long teething is supposed to last, but the signs of it are all there.  Just no teeth yet.  I’ve read that teething really only happens within days of a tooth emerging, but she’s had the symptoms for at least 2 months now.  Sometimes she’ll suddenly start crying and only stop when she’s able to chew on a teething ring or a hard toy.  This week, she’s been staying awake until at least 2 am, refusing to lie down to sleep.  Holding her doesn’t last very long, either.  She gets restless and wants to get on the floor to play with or chew on her toys.  One reason we need to baby-proof is that we need to be able to leave her for a moment to leave the room for food or use the bathroom.  She’s been pretty fussy lately if we leave her strapped in the bouncer.

As for chewing, she’s been eating quite a bit of baby food.  Some examples are fish and vegetables, bread (baby food style), spinach, potatoes, carrots, apple, sweet potato, and more.  We also have a snack for her to eat that’s like a rice cracker.  She seems to love it, and it breaks apart easily while she gums it.  Here are some pictures of her with it.

Holding an entire piece in her mouth.

Trying to sit and eat with her hand.

Smelling it? No, just missing her mouth.

It gets a little messy.

There’s something on your lips.

Holding on tight to that piece.

She’s also been showing a lot of personality.  Her favourite thing to say these days is “mehmehmehmehmeh.”  She sounds a bit like a cicada. She also likes making faces.  When I make the same face, she laughs.  And she sure does laugh a lot these days.

Funny face.

Last Friday, we went to Warabi city in Saitama prefecture, which is my wife’s hometown.  They have an annual festival in early August, and we’ve been going every year for the past 2 years.  This year, we went again, but we arrived at the very beginning.  There was very little food available at the time.  However, as the afternoon went on, more and more food stands opened and people were coming.  I had some jaga bataa (potatoes and butter), cucumber, frankfurter, and kakigori (shaved ice). It was a very hot day, about 34 degrees, and I got a sunburn.  Tomoe was shaded in her baby carriage.

Still putting up the decorations.

I’m standing inside one of the decorations.

I was inside this.

Tomoe dressed in her jinbei.

Sunny and hot day and decorations are hanging everywhere. It’s still early, most people are still at work, but it’ll be crowded in the evening.

Some bright red decorations.

Although Tomoe has been having trouble going to sleep at night, she still naps well during the day.  She’s been sleeping in many different positions.  No longer is she just on her back, but now she’s on her side and stomach.  I even woke up one morning to find her halfway down our bed laying perpendicular to the normal position.

She is so sleepy!

How can she sleep like this?


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