Security blankets are for babies!

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated what’s going on with Tomoe.  Well, she’s now 7 months old, and doing great.  There have been a few changes recently, though.

The biggest change is that she’s now sleeping in her own bed.  Basically, while sleeping with us is fine, if either of us isn’t in bed, Tomoe’s in danger of falling off the bed.  She’s getting very active, and if she wakes up while only one of us is in bed, she may crawl to the edge. So far, she’s sleeping fine in her bed.  Another advantage of using her bed is that it can double as a playpen.  If we’re busy, and she’s getting into mischief, it’s an easy way to keep her out of trouble, keep her safe, and let her play with her toys on a soft mattress.  She can also stand up as much as she wants.

Another big change is that Tomoe’s got herself a security blanket!  She’s had the blanket for a few months now, but only recently has she become so attached to it that it actually stops her from crying.  She loves it!

Tomoe’s also received her second DTP shot, and she took it very well.  She seems to have no problem getting her vaccinations.  The only problem is keeping her still.

She’s also growing quickly.  Her weight is average at 8.1 kg, but she’s already 75 cm!  Normal for her age is 60-70 cm.  Apparently, that’s what I was like at her age.  She may end up being a tall girl. She’s not very chubby.

She’s now eating solid food twice a day, and it includes a lot of vegetables, rice, bread, fish, and meat.  She doesn’t seem to dislike anything yet.

Tomoe has started problem solving.  She dropped a toy, and it disappeared behind something.  She seems to understand now that it’s still there, she just has to go over or around the object.  Getting smart!

And now for some pictures.

Sleeping on my foot again.

She’s really happy in her bed.

She loves her blanket. It’s a Pez blanket.

Happy, even though she’s blurry.


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