It’s been a scream

Tomoe’s new thing to do is scream at the top of her lungs.  I guess she’s exercising her volume now.  She does this at the worst time, too.  It’s late evening and my wife is trying to sleep.

These days, she’s been quite noisy.  A couple reasons are separation anxiety and teething.  When is that first tooth finally coming in?  I thought teething was only supposed to last a few days for each tooth.  Her separation anxiety happens whenever she’s left alone in a room.  Tonight, my wife was on the bed trying to sleep, but as I left the room, Tomoe started crying.  Not so much we can do about this.  I know she’ll grow out of it, though.

No pictures this time, just a quick update.  Also, she can stand on her own for about 3 seconds now.


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