8 months old and almost standing

On the 25th, Tomoe turned 8 months old.  Hard to believe she’s already that old.  She also continues to surprise us.

In the past week or so, she’s been trying to stand up without any support.  She’s succeeded in balancing for 2 or 3 seconds, but quickly falls down.  She was early with crawling, early with standing up with support, and now she seems to want to walk early.  She’s going to need new shoes soon.

On the 24th, she went to the clinic again to get her third round of DTP.  I never realised how many shots babies get.  Tomoe’s been so good, she hasn’t cried once.

She’s showing definite signs of communication with us now.  She responds to her name, gives a big smile whenever greeting us when either of us comes home, and I could have sworn she was trying to copy my wave.  She also hates being left alone.  If we’re out of view, she’ll start crying.

Enjoy the pictures!


She still sleeps a lot.


Sometimes she sleeps in odd positions.


With her gums irritating her, she likes to bite things, including my finger.


She really likes the feeling.


She can bite really hard.


Sometimes her bite hurts.


Sleeping with her favourite blanket.


She has a new bathrobe. She seems to really like it.


She’s wondering what it is.


Now looking a little moody.


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