Is that a motorboat?

There’s been a constant noise this week that sounds like a motorboat.  What could it be?  Tomoe’s been blowing raspberries all week.  She’s been particularly active with her “p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p” and “b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b” today.  We were out much of the day, and we had plenty to do.

She woke up in a good mood.


Stuck between my knees.


Blurry hand!


Looking pretty smug, but she was actually saying “babababa” and I caught her at the “b.”

First thing we had to do was get another shot.  This time was the polio vaccine.  She doesn’t seem to cry at all when she gets a shot.

Next was to go shopping.  We needed baby food and some warmer clothes, since winter is coming.  Her old winter clothes don’t fit anymore.  She also needed shoes, partly to keep her feet warm, but also because she should be walking pretty soon.  She managed to stand unsupported for nearly a minute.  Also, we got her a kind of baby toothbrush.  She’s getting her second tooth now!


Having fun with a mirror.

She’s been a bit sleepy today, since it was a busy day.  But she seems to be in a really good mood.


4 thoughts on “Is that a motorboat?

  1. You know what? My daughter didn’t cry much at all for her vaccinations either!! My boys, on the other hand…whoa! 😦 And currently one of the boys is the one getting them because he’s 13 months old. Sadly, my daughter is already 12 YEARS old! 😉 That pic of your daughter looking in the mirror is precious. Her hair is just so sweet and dark! 😀

    • Thanks for the comment! Maybe girls handle vaccinations better than boys.

      My daughter’s hair is actually the same colour as mine. My wife is Japanese, so her hair is surprisingly light.

      • Well, it’s beautiful and a whole lot darker than any of my babies’ hair! My daughter was *born* with nearly black hair but then it came back in very light (just like mine did as a baby), and the boys had light brown to begin with and then even lighter later. I love how their hair is, but I appreciate the beauty of your daughter’s dark hair too!! 🙂

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