A quirky 9 month old

Tomoe has just turned 9 months old.  Her personality has been showing quite a bit lately.  She can be pretty funny.

We know that she likes the colour green.  She also loves her blanket, as well as her new toy stuffed dog.  She finds puppets quite funny.  She also thinks that wiggling our feet is funny.  She watches shadows.  She hates the vacuum cleaner.  She’s started laughing at more than just funny sounds, she laughs at funny faces.  She laughs at laughing.  She likes dogs and cats.  She still likes ocean waves.  She had her first taste of lemon, and it wasn’t a big sour face, just a little.

Tomoe’s becoming better at standing on her own.  She can go a few seconds without any support before she falls down.  I think she’ll be able to walk within the next couple months.

And now for some pictures.


Sleeping with her Hello Kitty shirt.


She fell asleep outside, so I didn’t take her sheep vest off when we got home.


Smiley drinking sheep.


She’s warm and hungry.

Huge Japanese monster baby!


Oh, not a huge Japanese monster baby. She’s walking in the park.

For those last two pictures, we went to Tsujido Kaihin Koen (Tsujido Seaside Park) and she had her first chance to walk on the ground outside with her new shoes.  We later went to the beach, enjoyed watching the very large waves coming in.  Near Enoshima, we met a dog, and she seems to have no problems with dogs, as well as cats.

Today, it seems that her cheeks and nose are getting a bit red.  My wife and I both have a cold, so we’re wondering if she’s catching our cold.  Hope not.


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