Will she ever sleep?

Tomoe’s going through a new phase.  A phase in which she refuses to sleep until 1 or 2 am and constantly cries if she’s put in her bed.  If we go to pick her up, she becomes very active and it just makes it worse.  She cannot be held, as she just constantly moves around.  We can’t put her on the floor without her grabbing everything and trying to eat it.  We can’t put her in her bouncer, because she gets herself out of the harness and bounces like crazy while standing up, which in turn puts her in danger of falling out and hurting herself.  So then it’s back to bed and more crying.

At least the crying doesn’t last more than 15 or 20 minutes when she finally settles down.  But what does she do?  She plays with something in her bed.  Then she starts crying again a few minutes later.  She’s easy to get to sleep an hour or two after waking up in the morning, though.  But late at night, when she’s very sleepy, she fights her fatigue and complains about it.

Any ideas?


12 thoughts on “Will she ever sleep?

  1. What time does she go to bed? It might be that she needs to go to bed earlier. If she is overtired by the time she gets in bed, she might not be able to fall asleep, from what I’ve read (and experienced).
    Empirically, we determined that Timothy absolutely needs to be in bed by 7:30 pm. Some of my friends’ kids go as early as 6:30 pm! Which is sad as they don’t get to see their daddies until weekend 😦

    • We’ve been trying to get her to bed at the recommended time from her doctor’s guide, which is around 9pm, but she’ll often be sleeping at 8pm. Then she wakes up for about 3 or 4 hours. She does go to bed at an early time, she just wakes up.

      • Babies are all different. Doctor’s guidelines are too generic. For example, everyone recommends naps of 1.5 hours each; my son always slept for 30-40 minutes at a time – therefore his night time sleep was longer. How many hours in total is her night – and how many hours in total are her naps?

  2. I agree, may be that she’s overtired. How many naps does she take a day? Most babies still need 2 good naps at her age so that they aren’t overtired at bedtime. Or it could alternately be that she’s undertired because she has too MUCH daytime sleep. Does she sleep well once 1 or 2am rolls around?
    You have my sympathy – a tired, crying baby at night when YOU are tired too is just so hard! I’ll try to help if I can. 🙂

    • She gets 2 naps a day. She sleeps well once she does go to sleep and sleeps through the night usually. Sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night hungry, but not all the time.

      • Well that all sounds good. 🙂 How long are her naps totalling? It sounds like she definitely thinks it’s still daytime after she sleeps for a bit after 8pm. Maybe she really is getting too much sleep during the day? When my son was 9 months old, I had to start capping his second nap to preserve bedtime. I wouldn’t let him sleep any longer than 1 hour, and that helped. So, his daytime total sleep was 2.5-3 hours.We just recently dropped the second nap for him (he’s 14 months old) because he wasn’t being ready to go to sleep until 9:30 (which was too late for ME), and now he goes down at 7. His daytime sleep is 1.5 hours. Baby/toddler sleep just takes some tweaking sometimes because their needs change (and it seems to be when you’ve just figured it all out! :P)

  3. Hi Jay Dee

    I would be very careful to put her to bed at a specific time and get her up at a specific time. You will have to put up with some crying but she will learn (may take awhile) that it is bedtime. Don’t know what else you can do.

    Auntie Heather

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