Baby communication

Babies start off without any communication skills other than crying.  That’s the only way you know they need something.  However, as time goes on, they develop the skills required to communicate.  Before verbal communication begins, babies communicate through gestures.  They also like to mimic movements and sounds.

Tomoe’s been developing her skills quite a bit recently.  As I mentioned before, she’s recently started reaching up when she wants to be picked up.  It’s very easy to understand what she wants in that case.  She’s become really good at it.  While she’s in her bed at night, sometimes she’ll stand up and look around the corner at us.  But if I give her a smile, she smiles back.  She loves to smile, and she loves to see us smiling at her.

Mimicry hasn’t been one her her strong points, until now.  Not only is she copying movements, she’s starting to copy sounds.  One thing we’ve been trying to get her to do is wave at us when we wave at her.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t really do it.  She does move her hand a bit, though.  She’s also copied me when I opened and closed my hand.  But the biggest thing is “no.”  Just this week, she’s started copying me when I shake my head and say “no.”  She shakes her head whenever I do it.

Mimicking sounds is also very new.  She’ll blow raspberry sounds whenever I do the same.  But recently, if we say “dada,” she says “dadadadadada.”  She also copies “mama” as “mamamamamamama,” but usually when she’s tired.

Earlier this week, she surprised my wife by saying “yatta!” twice.  “Yatta” is Japanese for “yay.”

We’re not quite sure if she’s said her first word or if she’s just been mimicking sounds.  What’s your baby’s first word?


8 thoughts on “Baby communication

  1. no first words yet – Timothy’s only 9 months. But he babbles a lot and sometimes he says real words by accident: day, mama, diet, and there was some very funny word… I forget now but it was something long like convention :)))

  2. Hi I’m just getting into the swing of blogging, and I found your blog while searching for other parents with babies. My 2nd son is only 3 months old and was a preemie, so not quite at the talking stage yet but he is finally starting to make noises! We want him to learn English and Spanish and maybe even some Japanese as my older son who is 6 takes karate and can count to 100 in Japanese and wants to teach his baby brother lol

    • Oh, raising bilingual kids? Me too. But for us, it’s English and Japanese, though she’ll also learn French through school when we go to Canada. Good luck on the Japanese numbers 🙂 I can count to 9,999,999,999,999,999, though I think that would be difficult to achieve 🙂

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