Now she makes Japanese curry

Before I get to the title of this post, I’ll make a couple of updates on Tomoe.

First of all, I mentioned that she’s been mimicking me when I shake my head and say “no” to her.  Well, it’s not quite mimicking.  She also shakes her head when I merely say “no.”  I don’t have to shake my head.  She seems to understand that this gesture and word go together.  She’s learning language!

Another new thing is that she immediately figured out how to use a straw when drinking.  So, she has a new way to drink!  Of course, she still uses the bottle, and will until she’s finished with formula.


She can drink with a straw!

Now, as for the title of this post, my wife affectionately refers to Tomoe’s poop as curry.  Up until recently, her poop was greenish (Thai curry) or yellowish and chunky (tuna curry).  Well, her poop has finally become a more normal brown colour, or Japanese curry.  You see, Japanese curry is brown.  Got it?  I hope I haven’t spoiled your appetite for curry.  I actually ate curry for dinner tonight.


4 thoughts on “Now she makes Japanese curry

  1. we have real poop now – normal piece of poop (that usually is squashed all flat before we get to it). I miss the early breastfed poop – it even smelled nice. Well, compared to the real poop anyway…

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