A day at the Rice Festival

Before I get into the festival, I’d like to mention a few other things.  Tomoe has been crazy.  Well, she’s been going to sleep at night much better now, but she is still very active and very noisy.

One thing she’s done is give herself some bruises.  I’m pretty sure I know how she got one of them, but the other is a mystery.  In fact, that mystery bruise is nearly a black eye!


A dark bruise on the right and a red mark on the left.


What’s with her tongue?

Tomoe’s been showing some pretty good dexterity lately.  She holds things and manipulates them well with her fingers.  She’s been able to amuse herself for up to an hour with her toys, which is great for us to be able to relax.


She seems very interested in this toy. Unfortunately, she always drops them over the side of her bed.


Eating a book. She’s supposed to be reading it, not eating it!

She’s been able to stand on her own for more than a minute now.  Her balance is getting much better, but she has limited coordination between her feet.  No walking yet.

The Rice Festival

On Friday (yesterday), we went to Yokohama to attend the Okome Matsuri (Rice Festival) at Aka Renga Soko (Red Brick Warehouse).  We met my wife’s sister at Sakuragicho, then started walking to the festival.


Tomoe with the Cosmo Clock ferris wheel and sail-shaped Intercontinental Hotel behind her.

The food was good.  I ate plenty of rice, karaage (fried chicken), grilled chicken, tuna gyoza (Chinese style dumplings), and shrimp tempura skewer.  The weather was beautifully clear, although a bit chilly.


One of the red brick warehouses behind a sign that says “Okome Matsuri.”

The warehouses are now a shopping centre.  There are two buildings, and the site is often used for events.  Every winter, an outdoor skating rink is set up, although it almost never goes below freezing due to Yokohama’s mild subtropical climate.

We then left the festival and went out to the park where Tomoe could try some walking.


The first time Tomoe touched grass.


She’s not very happy. In fact, she started crying because she didn’t like how the grass felt.


Tomoe is being helped to her feet by her Mommy.


She’d smile, but the sun was a bit too bright.

On our way home, Tomoe sat with us on the seat, sort of.  Most of the time, she stood up looking out the window, but she kept hitting the window and squealing.  She was a bit noisy and very crazy.  She was very restless on the train.  Usually, she’s pretty calm on the train.

I’m so happy she’s sleeping right now.


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