10 months and almost a milestone

Today is Tomoe’s 10 month birthday.  Just 2 more months until she’s a year old!  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  Soon, she won’t be a baby anymore, she’ll be a toddler.

I don’t have any pictures this time, but I do have some news.  Tomoe took 2 steps while standing up without any support.  While it’s not quite walking, it’s a step in the right direction!

More than ever, she’s reaching up whenever we walk past her, and we definitely know what she wants.  She wants to be picked up.  She’s also laughing a lot these days.  Very happy baby!  One thing that I taught her is “high 5.”  I’ve been working on it for the past week, and tonight, she finally raised her hand when I said it, and she hit my hand.  She’s learning.  This is a very important time to make sure that she hears as much language as possible, and not baby talk.  She’s been forming “words” with 2 or so different syllables, but hasn’t knowingly said anything yet.  She has accidentally said “Japan” and “yellow,” though.

Tomoe is loving books.  We try to read to her every night with one of her books, and she really enjoys it.  She also has plenty of toys to keep her occupied, and she will play on her own quite often.

Hopefully, I’ll have plenty of pictures later this week.


16 thoughts on “10 months and almost a milestone

  1. Happy 10-month birthday Tomoe!
    Timothy also just mastered the high-five a week ago. He’s now charming all my girlfriends with it, everyone wants to get a high-five from Timothy 🙂
    Walking! Yayyyy! Way to go, Tomoe!!!
    As to talking, I am not holding my breath. I heard bilingual kids might be quite delayed with their speech development… so I am curious to follow how it goes for you! Timothy once said (unknowingly, of course) “petition” :))))

    • Yeah, the language development of bilingual kids is slow for the first 4 years. Well, it appears slow to people, but you have to realise that they’re actually learning 2 languages, and are probably learning more words than the average kid. They don’t start speaking late, just aren’t as proficient in either language as other kids their age until 4 or 5. That’s when they catch up completely with everyone else, and they excel in both languages.

          • Hmmm. I wonder if citizens of bi- and trilingual countries like Netherlands and Belgium rarely have Alzheimer’s?
            It’s true about learning languages: by the time I started learning my fourth, it was far easier 🙂

          • I’m on my third language, though I can hardly speak my second (French). My third is better, but still not enough for conversation. What languages do you know?

          • Russian is my mother tongue, English I have been learning six age 6 (and then since I moved to Canada 10 years ago), plus I speak Hebrew (I lived there for a few years) and French (I lived in the French-speaking province of Quebec for a few years). French was my fourth language and remains the weakest…

          • Samara is his birthplace. But he grew up in Canada speaking English. His parents gave up Russian when they moved to Canada. They left just before the revolution, actually.

          • My grandfather and his parents were actually German, though they lived in Russia. My aunt is working hard on discovering our family history, and she’s found that many of our relatives spread out around the world, including Argentina. We didn’t even know my grandfather had a middle name until we could find his original birth certificate. His parents didn’t even tell him after they left Russia.

  2. Aww, too cute with the high-fiving!! I never thought to teach Samuel that. 🙂 Those first steps are better than the moon landing, aren’t they?! She’ll be walking so soon! Take as many pics as you can during this time!! You can always delete ones you decided you don’t need, but you can never go back and take more. 😉

    • I’m running out of room on my iPhone! I need to clear out a few apps and save all the photos on my computer.

      Can’t wait for her to walk. I think I’m going to look forward to taking her out playing, or to have her walk around with me anywhere we go.

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