Tomoe’s day with a friend

On the last day of November, Tomoe had an exciting day out.  We went to Shonan Terrace Mall at Tsujido to meet with a friend and her daughter.  We all spent some time at Kid-o-Kid, a children’s play area.  I’ve shown pictures from there before, but that was her half year birthday, and she wasn’t able to stand on her own yet. This time, she could do a lot more, and was quite mobile.  I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Playing with a toy in the baby area.


She’s sitting on the colourful floor with our friend’s daughter in pink.


Tomoe’s having a blast inside a little tent.


4 months ago, this made her cry. Now, she loves it.


Tomoe and friend in the ball pit.


She’s all alone!


She’s not ready to jump on her own.


Tomoe loves playing with gears. She has some at home, and spends a long time turning them.


She’s got a big, red one!


Playing with dolls with her friend.


Tomoe gets so excited with mirrors.


She loves seeing herself in the mirror.


This is something she can’t figure out yet.


Back to the ball pit. This is fun!


Standing up in the ball pit. She enjoyed sliding down the slope behind her.


Tomoe the fly and her princess friend.


Tomoe couldn’t see well, the hat kept falling over her eyes.


Matching flies.


Blind Tomoe fly on the right, but I’m not sure what her friend is thinking.

I’d like to thank my friend for coming along with us.  It was fun.


15 thoughts on “Tomoe’s day with a friend

  1. Thanks Jaydee for including our baby Akiko in this article. I wasn’t able to join you that day, but by looking at the pictures, you sure enjoyed it. ‘Hope to join you next time!

  2. Such great pics! Made me think perhaps we should try an indoor playground, too. We haven’t been yet!
    I especially liked the balloons and the gears – wow, so many gears!!!
    Tomoe’s a darling 🙂

  3. ohhh god u have been blessed with one of the most wonderful child..she looks every bit the princess she is…pls give her my flying kisses on the rosy cheeks :-*:-*:-*:-*

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