It may seem mundane, but it’s very exciting!

Parents with babies are interesting people, don’t you think?  We often find the most basic things amazing about our babies.  We get excited when Tomoe takes a single step without holding onto anything.  That’s understandable, I think.  What parent doesn’t want to see their baby walking?  I’ve seen her take 3 steps.  But I’ve got one thing that’s so mundane that it wouldn’t register on most people’s minds as amazing.

She licked food off of her lips.  That’s right!  She’s discovered how to get that stray rice grain off of her lip instead of letting it fall onto or into her clothes.  How’s that for mundane?

Oh yeah, and she had her first totally solid poop today.  Not mundane.  This is a bigger milestone, I think.

For my readers who have kids, what did you get excited about?


8 thoughts on “It may seem mundane, but it’s very exciting!

    • Thanks! That’ll be a great milestone to have. It’s very messy when we try to wipe her nose with tissues or wet wipes. Actually, she likes the taste of wet wipes, so she has no problem with that. It’s the tissues she doesn’t like.

  1. I don’t have kids. But I have been there for those milestone moments for Dom. The couple we always hang out with have a 3 year old son. We honestly see them one or twice a week. We were there for his first big boy poo in the toilet and we all cheered him on. It’s really exciting to see babies becoming self sufficient. And the excitement really is infectious too.

  2. First time he danced. He was about 6 months old, lying on his back, and when I started singing, he started wiggling his head and shoulders rhythmically – I even caught it on video! He still dances like that – only now he is sitting/standing 🙂

    First time he kissed me. I still love those toothy, wet kisses he plants on my jaw 🙂

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