Almost milestones

Tomoe’s been pretty active lately with her development.  Even though she’s had a cold, and is only now recovering from it, she kept going as if she was never sick.  She’s almost achieved some milestones, though.

Her ability to walk keeps improving.  She’s been attempting to walk on her own recently, without us helping her.  She keeps falling over, though.  She’s managed one or two steps only, but she should be walking soon.

She’s also been getting closer to clapping.  That’s normally a 10 month milestone, but she hasn’t mastered this skill yet.  She did almost clap a couple days ago.  Her hands came together instead of moving her arms up and down.

But there’s one thing that she’s now doing that is an achievement.  She’s hugging!  Sometimes she wants to be picked up and holds her arms up, but other times, she’ll grab hold of my waist and hug.  She also holds onto me very well while I’m holding her.

Last week, she had her last vaccination for a while.  This one was for polio.  Next year, she’ll get some booster shots, but not at the frequency she’s received shots in the past few months.  And the great thing is, she never cried once!

Now, enjoy some pictures!


I’m drinking!


She loves playing with these gears. They must be her favourite toy.


Looking at a book now. She seems to turn the pages on her own now.


Now she’s wearing a new headband made by her mommy!


She’s really happy.


Where’d the smile go?


There it is! Looking cute.


After a busy day shopping at Costco, she took a nap.


7 thoughts on “Almost milestones

  1. Hi Jay Dee and family. Just wondering if you got our parcel, sent quite a while ago. Also could I have your Skype address. Marc and Jen gave me a Logitech camera, etc to put on my computer for my birthday. I would really like to see Tomoe in action!
    Love, Auntie Heather

  2. All these milestones are soooo different for every baby! Timothy’s been clapping his hands since 6 months, but he started crawling – really crawling – only this past week, at 10 months. And he barely walks even when we hold him. So some things they develop faster, some – slower. Nothing to worry about 🙂

    Love her gears! Makes me think we should get some for Timothy, too – he’s a little engineer, bound to love the stuff!

    • I’m hoping Tomoe will be interested in science and engineering, actually 🙂

      I’ve got some new milestones today already. She clapped, sort of. And she’s starting pointing (not with a finger, but her whole hand) at things that she wants.

      • So cool! Timothy points, too – sometimes at something he wants, sometimes he wants me to tell him the name of whatever he is pointing at (or at least that’s what I think he wants) and sometimes I have no idea what he is pointing at and what does he want me to do… :))) Still – interaction is soo cool!

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